Article Marketing Builds Backlinks and Leads

Article marketing may be a solution to your problem if not having enough qualified leads at your website. You know your product is good and that it has appropriate pricing. The problem is, you do not have enough people coming to your website to buy from you. Assuming you have set up a website that prospects will respond to, you will need to drive traffic to your website. Article writing can help you to accomplish this. It will be your entry point to free lead generating marketing.

How It Works

Article marketing will help you to buy backlinks to your website. These are important for search engine ranking. The higher your website ranks in the search engines results pages (like Google, Yahoo), the more people will find your website, visit and buy from you. By writing and posting articles in the proper places, and along some specific guidelines, you can get these back links in place to start helping you to pull in better, more specific leads.

In order to use article marketing, start by either writing your own articles or hire a professional to do the work for you. The goal is to create content rich articles that are informative, not sales like. You do want to use keyword optimization to help the articles to rank well on article distribution websites.

Once the articles are complete, they can go on article distribution websites or given to other marketers. The goal is to have these articles posted on other websites, with a unique resource box at the end of them, which contains a link back to your own website. Here is an example of how to use this service.

You are promoting a health product for weight loss. You write an article about weight loss methods, incorporating the health product as one solution. You do not want to sell the product through the article, but you may mention it as an option for losing weight. At the bottom of the article, you create a resource box. Within it, you state who you are, as the author, and why you are an expert in the field. Then, you include a link to your website where the reader can learn more.

This benefits you because the link is going to create backlinks to your website on any website that you article is put on. In addition, it allows you to create leads from any of the people that have read the article and now want to make a purchase.

Key Advantages

Article marketing is one form of attraction marketing that is highly successful and easy to utilize. Here are some of the advantages of utilizing it.

o It is relatively easy to do and most online business owners will be able to do it on their own. 
o Use already well established article distribution services or websites to make the process faster and less time consuming. 
o You become highly visible online. People can find you, what you are offering buy backlinks as well as your website quickly.

Article marketing offers two unique benefits. First, you will improve search engine ranking. Second, you will get more highly qualified leads to your website. All this for writing a well designed article.


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