Five Link Building Tips for Better Page Rank

For most of SEO and link builders, link building is a boring and tedious process. But you cannot avoid it if you are aiming at driving traffic to your website through search engines or want to improve your website or blog existing pr.

Lots of people judge about the popularity of a website through its PR and the number of buy backlinks that website is showing in major searches engines including Google, Yahoo and Bing, although there are some other factors like Alexa Rankings, domain age, brand value etc. And for increasing PR of a website, you have to use link building techniques to their fullest.

All links are not equal, so there are five tips that you should keep in mind while doing link building for better search engine rankings and better page rank:

  • The first tip will be going for relevant websites and blogs only when building backlinks for your website. Links from relevant domains will give you much more benefit when compared with links from unrelated domains towards your website search engine rankings and Google PR.
  • When buy backlinks for a website, you should go for websites only that are offering you dofollow links. In case, you are sensing that, you will be getting nofollow backlinks by using xyz website, simply skip it as it would not give you much edge from search engine prospective.
  • You should be using proper anchor texts as pat of your website listing on different websites. When getting links for your website, you should be using keyword rich anchor texts to get maximum benefit towards the higher ranking of targeted keywords.
  • When getting backlinks for your website, you should aim at getting links from high PR websites most of the time. Few links from PR 5 websites is much better than hundreds of backlinks from websites having no Google page rank. So when generating backlinks, focus should be on getting links from websites with high page rank. And if possible look at ways to get links from other websites and blogs home page as they carries the maximum page rank in general.
  • Always look at ways to get permanent buy backlinks for your website. Stay away from link buying kind of ideas and schemes. If you have bought lots of backlinks for your website from other websites and blogs in your industry on a monthly subscription basis, you are taking the risk of losing your page rank and search rankings in case you have to unsubscribe to those paid links for some reason.


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