An IP address is called banned and not legal when it performs something against the rules of Google. Google use to ban these IP as the legal action against the IP holder. Google banned IP checker tool is the tool which makes you able to determine that whether an IP is banned or not. All you have to do to apply this tool is to type IP address and submit it. You can embed this tool on your site which is the good method to check banned IP on your site. In order to include Google banned site checker tool on your site you have to embed the given html code in your html pages after that your visitor will be able to use Google banned IP checker tool on your site. This tool is free to use so that you can use it many times and for a long time. Now the question is how to protect your IP to be banned? As you know that every computer which gets connected to the internet is assigned services with an IP address. Those addresses are assigned by your ISP, statically or dynamically when you connect. So whenever you make and identity on internet then it traces your IP address and when you try to break out the rule then as legal action your IP gets banned. To safe your IP don’t miss use your ID on internet. Misuse of internet from your IP can be done with different methods like from forum.

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