How to Build Quality Backlinks With Blogs

If you have a website of any type, I am sure you have heard of the importance of backlinks in regards to SEO, (search engine optimization), or in layman’s terms, getting organic, (free), traffic from search engines. What is sometimes overlooked is the importance of these being quality buy backlink, meaning they relate to the content of your own site.

What we are going to discuss here is:

* First, what is a backlink

* Second,what gives a backlink “quality”

* Third, why are blogs good for backlinking

* Fourth, using comments on blogs for backlinks

* Fifth, the importance of relevant comments

A backlink occurs when the address of your website, i.e. your link, is placed on another site, whether one of yours or someone else’s. When a search engines robot visits the other site, it will pick up your link, and follow to your site. This process helps alert the search engine of the existence of your site and increases the chances of your site being found in a search, bringing free, organic traffic to your site.

A backlink will be considered to have quality if the subject of the host site is related to the subject of your site in some meaningful way. For example, if the subject of your site is sports equipment, and you put your link on a site discussing physics, it would not be relevant. However if you put your link on the fan site of a sports team, you would have a very relevant backlink.

Blogs are a great place to include a buy backlink to your site. Why? Because most blogs are being updated on a consistent basis, they usually contain original content, and these are two things search engines, particularly GOOGLE, love and will seek out with their robots. Most blogs, especially those using WordPress are pinged, (notice of new content sent to search engines), the moment they post a new blog entry. Therefore, placing your backlink on a blog gives you a very good chance of being noticed on a consistent basis.

Comments are the method of choice for placing your backlink on a blog. Some blogs have link pages, some have blog rolls, or other methods of formal link sharing, but almost all of them allow comments on blog posts. Why? Because comments create more original content for their blog, which helps the blog with search engines, (see comment on GOOGLE above). When you leave a comment, you are usually asked to enter your name, email, and are offered the opportunity to place your web address as well, how nice.

Now please, understand, not just any comment will do. On most blogs, certainly on mine, comments must be approved by the blog admin before they get posted on the blog. Most comments will not be approved, trust me on this, unless they are relevant to the blog post you are commenting on. The rule here is quite simple, leave a quality comment, and you will get a quality backlink.

Let me put this in a nutshell for you. If your desire is to  buy backlink organic traffic from search engines through the use of backlinks: find blogs that are relevant to your site; find a blog post that interests you; make an interesting or informative comment,(do not say buy this or go here, very bad); repeat this process on different blogs as often as possible.

There are programs to help you find relevant blogs to post on, and these work great, but stay away from auto-comments as these will not work on any quality blog site.


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