Link Building Is Very Important In Generating Traffic

For those of you who have or plan to someday own a website or blog, your primary goal will be to get as much traffic to your site as you can. You will also try to do everything in your power to rank high on Google and other search engines for keyword terms relating to your website. Well, buy backlink to your website or blog is the single most important task that will help you accomplish getting loads of free traffic. What are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply links that come from other websites to your website or blog. Now, read very carefully because I am going to tell you why backlinks are so very important.

Search engines, like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and others use backlinks as one of the most important factors for deciding where your website will rank when someone types in a keyword relating to your website. Well, can I get backlinks from any website? Yes, but the search engines give more points to higher quality websites.

For example, if website owner A has a backlink from a website that just started two weeks ago and website owner B has a backlink from Craigslist, Google is going to show more favor to owner B’s website when it comes to ranking because Craigslist would definitely be considered to be a much higher quality website than a website that just started two weeks ago.

Each buy backlink that you get from other websites is like getting a vote from that site and the higher quality that website is, the more that vote is going to count for your website. So, if you get a backlink(vote) from Craigslist, the search engines are going to say “Ok, Craigslist is a very important website so this website must be important too, let’s rank it.”

Now that we have discussed why backlinks are so important, how do we get backlinks? I’m glad you asked. Getting backlinks can be a very time consuming task. You have to write articles, find many websites to join before you can submit your links, add comments to blogs with your link attached, ask other webmasters to put your link on their websites, etc. The other alternative is just to pay someone to do this for you. There are thousands of link building services on the web that can help you save some time from this tedious work for a fee. Beware, some of these services don’t submit backlinks in a tasteful manner and do a lot of spamming by using robots to do the work. This is why their price is so cheap. Google and other search engines know when bots are used to create backlinks. They in turn penalize your website and you will never rank in their engines.

The best advice I can give you about creating backlinks to your website or blog to drive more traffic, is find a link building service that will do most of the work manually. This way, you may pay a little more, but your website doesn’t get banned from the search engines and you don’t lose any money. So, it’s not worth it to pay someone five dollars for backlinking services just to get your website banned by Google. Beware of very cheap initial prices for backlinking services.

Below are just a few great places were you can get some great backlinks:

Forums, Social Networks, Article Directories, Website Directories, Related Blogs, Social Bookmarking Sites, Video Sharing Websites, Image Sharing Websites, etc. The more backlinks that you have, the better.

Also, if you have good quality content on your website or blog, other people will just link to your website with no problem because your information is useful.

Remember, if you have or are going to start a website or blog and need traffic,buy backlink are the way to go. Don’t have time to backlink? Pay a good link building service to do it for you. More traffic means more money, so start backlinking as soon as you can because it takes up to six weeks to start actually seeing results.


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