Website description is the resource for search engine in which they can find the content description. ROR is a new web page description tool and framework. It makes it very easy to explain the content description, things, and framework of your web page so Google and other web programs can better find and discover appropriate details. For example if you are promoting items, ROR allows you to papers your items brands, information, price, pictures, accessibility, affiliate programs, etc. Or if your site or weblog provides details on a given subject, it allows you to explain how this detail is structured. ROR also provides conditions for saving things such as associates, articles, publication, pictures, back links, opinions, sitemaps, comfort, music, and more. This tool was designed to make search engine crawling easier. Web description is a tool for search engines because search engines can better understand the content description through resource of resource. ROR format is created with the purpose to increase understandability of search engine. Site map is another concept of site description in which we use to inform search engine about the url’s of site with some additional information like what is relation between one other URL’s , last updating time, how often it changes etc. these information allows the Google to crawl easily. Only right details can create a right result, in SEO, right details about a website can be collected using SEO resources .In case of any query you can contact us.

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