Purpose of yahoo Back link Checker is to provide data that shows the number of back links reported for your site in yahoo. Yahoo back link checker enables you to know the numbers of websites who have given a link to your website or webpage.SEO resources are created to take many useful marketing information factors to entice search engines. A right way SEO can be done only with right details. What kind of information SEO requires? Information that can be used to develop pr of a website and that can be used to contest with competitors. Studying about a particular site is quite difficult but SEO resources are created to create this process easy and effective. Only right information can make a right result, in search engine optimization, right information about a website can be gathered using SEO tools. Yahoo reports better back links as compare to Google because Google doesn’t show all your back links so there is nothing to freak out. You can embed this tool on your site to attract your visitors. Yahoo back link checker tool is easy to embed on your site so if you wanted to include that tool in your website then just copy the html code and paste it on your site. A back link is an inward web link to your website that may or may not be reciprocated with an external web link back.

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