New Cool Ways to Buy Backlinks Back to Your Website

There are a lot of ways to buy backlinks back to your website. You can use some subscription services that have access to blog networks. Many of them let your embed video into the articles that you submit. I’m finding that putting the video in my article is almost just as good as having someone else link to it. That’s a good sign that video is very popular.

Think about something from the search engines point of view. If someone really likes the video that you put out, they are going to want to put it on their blog. If they do that the video is more likely to have more ranking value when it comes to the search engines. Having people put video on their website is better than having a backlink back to your website.

I’m not in the mind of the search engines, so I don’t have any evidence of that, but video most certainly can help you with your backlinks. It’s just a common sense deduction that I am making. You still want to replicate what happens in nature when it comes to blasting out videos.

As far as marketing for your website, it comes down to how many links you can get back to your site. I try and compare this with you being on the front page of the newspaper. If the newspaper gives you a front page heading, a lot of people are going to be checking out your website. If you have a really cool video on your website, you’ll prompt a lot of backlinks.

The search engines do keep track on who and how many times your website are clicked on. If it is clicked on a lot, that will tell the search engines to give you more authority on your subject matter. You’ll get more traffic to your website than someone that is just starting out. Or you can pop right into a good position if your site is put together just right.

You’d be surprised at how many people don’t take advantage of this way of buy backlinks. You also have certain pieces of software that track video and people do look for content to put on their websites. You can use this tool and type any keyword in and a relevant video will pop up. The software keeps track of the PR ranking that your users have when it comes to them giving a link back to you.

PR numbers are not an exact science, but they do help if a higher number links back to your site. So if you had 1 link from a PR 5 site that would be worth more that hundreds of links from a PR 0 website. It’s just something you should keep in mind while getting your backlinks.


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