Online marketing of your product requires a right method to attract customers; the first step in online promotion of your business includes targeting the correct keyword to attract correct audience. So many sites are running on internet which has same category with some similar keywords as your site. Google makes a group of these sites from which he filters top 100 sites and provides them position like top sites of same themes and similar keywords. Google position checker tool makes you able to know that where your site stands on the bases of keyword. Search engines Place Checker device (Google position checker tool) that we have designed will instantly question the search engines Google. It assessments if your URL seems to be in the first 100 results for your preferred key terms. If the URL is in the list, it will result what position it occupies. Pr rank provided by Google is different from position provided by Google. We know that Google uses a search engine algorithm in which he provides the pr to his websites, in this process he use to filter the best websites for the search engines guests.
Page rank for a site owner depicts that how popular is his website that’s why each site owner likes to improve the search engines pr for his website. If you wanted to entice the attention of the search engines then you have to entice guests on your website because maximum traffic on your website will improve your pr. If you wanted to know that what is the position of your site in Google then you have to fill a form in which you have to enter, place( country), keyword( on which you wanted to check your position) and domain name( for which you wanted to know position). After that only a click on check now and you will be able to visit your current position on Google. Google position checker helps you to rank your site in top 100 sites of same theme. You can search your site with max five keywords and result will be based on these keywords. You can embed this tool on your site which is the second method to check Google position on your site even any one can visit your site’s position on your site. In order to include Google position checker on your site you have to embed the given html code in your html pages after that you will be able to use Google position checker on your site. The Goal of best SEO companies is to increase the position of your website by considering the Look for website search engine optimization algorithms. Google updates for a website is easy to check with this tool. SEO can get more traffic on your website because techniques of search engine optimization are used to provide the required traffic to attract Google’s attention.
Google Position Checker
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