Right information with right method is important in search engine optimization, right information about a website can be viewed in SEO statistics widget.SEO research gadget is a free and probably one of the best SEO research resources you will find on the web, which you can use to examine your website research and much more. These statistics widget makes you provides you all information like no. of Google back links, no. of yahoo back links, Google indexed pages, yahoo indexed pages and Alexa ranking. Alexa is the No.1 site in internet to value a website. They use various sophisticated methods to judge the value of a website. It's important to have decent Alexa rankings. It is a website position checker device which is very effective for utilization. Also, there is a pr examine device in such popular figure websites like. It will show you, how many WebPages of your website are listed in the search engines, such as Google, Google, Ask and much more. Your website position will be revealed clearly. The SEO Research Gadget that we have designed will instantly question you all the details about your URL from n variety of search engines on the globe. It reveals your website authority in a visual structure. You can embed this tool on your site to attract your visitors. SEO statistics widget is easy to embed on your site so if you wanted to include that tool in your website then just copy the html code and paste it on your site.

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