SEO tools are made to pull many useful marketing data points to attract search engines. A right way SEO can be done only with right information. What kind of information SEO requires? Information that can be utilized to build page rank of a website and that can be utilized to compete with competitors. Researching about a particular site is quite difficult but SEO tools are made to make this process easy and effective .Purpose of our Bing Position Checker tool is to provide position of a site in Bing search engine. Like the Google position checker tool, this will also give you your site’s position in Bing Beta’s search engines. If your site happens to be in the first thousand results, it will output the position it occupies. All you have to do to apply this tool is type in your domain name and submit. You can embed this tool on your site which is the good method to check Bing position rank on daily purposes. In order to include Google page rank checker on your site you have to embed the given html code in your html pages after that you will be able to use Bing rank/position checker on your site. The concept of Bing/rank checker tool is to put the best aggressive analysis information as the best SEO analysis resources

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