A new website in crowd of billions of site is difficult to search and find. Now the question is How Google provides identity and priority to his sites? A unique domain name is used for the purpose of identity and Google page rank is used to assign priority to sites. Informative and useful sites for visitors are always on high priority because Google wanted to pay the best information to his visitors. High page rank to a site means high priority by Google visitor’s to a site. Google uses a search engine algorithm in which he provides the page ranks to his sites, in this process he use to filter the best sites for Google visitors. PR for a webmaster depicts that how popular is his site that’s why each webmaster like to increase Google page rank for his site. If you wanted to attract the attention of Google then you have to attract visitors on your site because maximum traffic on your site will increase your page rank. Search engine optimization can increase traffic on your site because techniques of search engine optimization are used to provide the required traffic to attract Google’s attention. The Goal of best SEO companies is to increase the PR of site. Google updates for a site is easy to check and you have two ways to check your site’s PR:online Google page rank checker and page rank button which can be created on your site at any place. Online page rank checker is free tool on Google in which you can check the current rank of a website. In this process you have to submit the domain name of site for which you wanted to check page rank after that just click on check page rank and you will be able to visit the current PR of a website. You can embed this tool on your site which is the second method to check Google page rank in which any one can visit your site’s page rank on your site. In order to include Google page rank checker on your site you have to embed the given html code in your html pages after that you will be able to use Google page rank checker on your site. You can include a page rank button on your site which will Show your visitors the current page rank of your web pages, it is more useful because any one can visit it while visiting the pages of your site. Page rank button is useful in search engine optimization because it can help with SEO, link exchange, site promotion matters. Process of including page rank button on your site is also very simple because in this process you only need to submit your domain name after that a code with your domain name will be generated which you can embed on your page, where you want to visit that button.
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