SEO is becoming more complex in order to increase search engines ranking. So many tools are being released in order to achieve required information. This tool was designed to make book marking easier and to evaluate how strong a website is in search engines? Social bookmarking is a technique of SEO in which your site gets categorized to hire targeted traffic. We provide you social bookmarks creator tool in order to access targeted traffic and this tool is 100% free to use. Since your bookmarks are categorized into different tags, you will get much targeted traffic from people searching within a particular tag. They will click on your bookmark link and visit your site. Your tags will rank well in the search engines due to the authority these sites have. You can embed this tool on your site to attract your visitors, if you wanted to include this tool in your site then you only need to include the given html code in your website. With Social Bookmarking, you can get unlimited 'keyword' links to your site. Having more keyword links that are relevant to your site will result in higher ranking. These tools are particularly designed to increase the website rankings. SEO techniques are becoming more complicated to be able to improve Google position. So many tools are being launched to increase efficiency of these tools. Most important feature about these tools is that they are free of cost.

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