How to Build Or Buy Backlinks Fast

Quality backlinks are the cornerstone of your online business. Search engine rankings provide free organic traffic that in turn will bring you cash. Knowing how to build backlinks is the key aspect and this article will cover just that.

Backlinks are important as they directly affect your search engine rankings. Search engines such as Google utilize more than 200 factors to determine which sites are best suited to rank for every keyword, however, the buy backlinks play the biggest role. Aside from having a good number of backlinks it’s important to know that Google also takes into account things such as the relevancy of content of your pages, the linking pages, the age of the links, the rel= attribute, the anchor text of links, and many others.

So how do we go about building backlinks fast? There are a few great methods you can use to build backlinks.

Link Exchange – Although not a highly recommended method, link exchange gets you a few dofollow backlinks. The downside to link exchange is that it can take a long time and you could be penalized for linking to bad neighborhoods.

Forum Signatures – There’s a forum for practically every topic out there. Get involved and share your expertise around several forums. After you earned trust and respect you can place a link to your site in the signature section.

Article Writing – Articles are a great way to get backlinks. Many article directories give you a dofollow attribute so you get an instant backlink after writing an article. Moreover, most articles remove the “rel=nofollow” attribute when someone syndicates your article so you automatically get backlinks from them over time.

Youtube Videos – YouTube is a highly reputable website as it’s owned by Google itself. Create a few videos and place your link in the sidebar. People that subscribe to your channel will give you some backlink juice that will ultimately get passed down to your videos, and inevitably, your site.

All these methods are great to buy backlinks but they’re also great because you get free traffic as well. This is like hitting 2 birds with one stone.


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