Keyword Density And Quality Backlinks For SEO

SEO is all about proper planning and having a strategic agenda for how you will rank high in the search results. You can’t do anything devious and get away with it. It’s not advisable, the search engines will catch you, and your visitors probably won’t buy from you – especially if you have content on your site that has nothing to do with their problems or goals.

So instead, when buy backlinks it comes to doing search engine marketing, don’t shoot for any questionable tactics that might get your site banned from the search engine results. If you want to improve your rankings in an orderly and proven manner, stick with the basics. And the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) are very easy. Let’s start with the first basic of SEO:

1) Have good keyword density

“Keyword density” is the amount of times that the main keyword that you’re trying to rank high is dispersed onto your web page. One thing that you definitely don’t want to do is spam your entire page(s) with a particular keyword phrase. This is known as “keyword stuffing”, and the search engines know how to pick up horrible tactics such as this.

If you think you could get away with keyword stuffing by hiding your keywords in a large blog of text… typically hidden with white text on a white background… you’re seriously deluded. Search engines like Google are smart. Very smart. It is designed and engineered by expert engineers who are on top of the questionable practices done by a lot of people trying to fool Google.

But don’t do this. Simply keep your keyword density at around 3%. This means for every 100 words on your page, insert your main keyword (or keyword phrase) 3 times. This is good, it lets the search engines know what your site is about, all while maintaining integrity, and also making it clear to your visitors to your page what your article is all about. Here’s another basic of SEO:

2) Quality backlinks

The more high quality backlinks that you can get back to your site the better. This means that you have something of value on your site that people love, and are linking back to. The search engines will pick up on this, see what kind of links are linking to you, and over time… it will increase your “page rank”, and your position in the search engine listings.

One way that you can get some good buy backlinks is by submitting your site to a major website directory called “DMOZ”. Between this and Yahoo’s Directory, getting your site listed in these 2 directories is major. Now sure you can list your website information to the common web directories on the internet, but most of them require a payment to get listed… and you will even have to pay again after the listing time frame has expired.

Hopefully you can develop your site to a point where automatic acceptance will be considered. Just don’t give up, give your website time to build, and keep providing top quality content on your site. You will soon see your rankings increase slowly but surely.

Good luck with your search engine optimization efforts.


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