Methods to Create Backlinks For Your Home Based Business

First I want to make sure you know what a backlink is. If you post a comment on a blog and have a link in your signature or you post an article in an article directory or in a blog and there is a link back to your site you have just buy backlinks.

You can also make a video or post classified ads or set up a blog and post there with a backlink. The more backlinks you get the higher your site will rank for the search engines. The higher you rank the closer to the top of page one your site will show up when someone does a search. The closer you get to the top of page one the more traffic you will get.

So you do keyword research and find out what keywords people are using to find whatever you have and you write an article using that keyword several times and in the title if possible. You can concentrate on long-tail keywords for better results because there will be less competition and they will more precisely target your product or service.

To make your links even stronger you can use the keywords themselves as the link back to your site. This is called anchor text and this method works way better than when you see where people make the words “click here” as their actual link.

Every search you do online shows a page of the most relevant site to your search. There is usually some shaded sites at the top and on the right side of the page. These are pay-per-click ads where someone has to pay a little bit of money every time someone clicks on their ad. All of the other sites that show up are the generic results and this is where sites with a lot of backlinks will show up.

Articles are the beginning of you buy backlinks because they can be loaded with content. You can also get videos to rank pretty high too. Some of the highest ranked videos will lead you to an article though. One thing about articles is they will be online forever once they are posted and that means people will be following those links.

A lot of people think it would be too hard to write articles but is is not that difficult. If you have ever written a note on a postcard you can do it. There are plenty of ways to get good at it too. You can find sales pages and copy them several times just to get used to the terms and format used in them. You can also find sites online like that will give you pointers.

The top 10 ways people use for backlinks are;

1. Articles because they are free and you can also buy software or use a service to automate your work to post them on lots of places.

2. Posting on social sites- Linked-In, Facebook, Twitter, Ning, etc.

3. Social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc.

4. Using forum signature links- Post comments or solutions on forums with a link in your signature.

5. Swapping links with other marketers in the same niche.

6. Post on your blog and ping blog directories, if you use WordPress for your blog this will be done automatically.

7. Post comments on other peoples blogs.

8. Submit your site to ezine, or niche forums and appropriate directories.

9. Use your blog to post viral content. Viral content will cause others to post your content on their blogs and to link back to your site.

10. Video posts on Youtube.

Two of the strongest methods buy backlinks are the videos and the articles because all of your content starts with articles and they can be posted in many places including your own blog, others blogs, social sites blogs and groups, and article directories. Videos can get high rankings also and you can use them to talk about your site or your articles.


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