2 Easy Steps to Build Quality Backlinks For Your Website

Building links which are linked back to your site is the most importance thing on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). But most of people is wasting their time walking on wrong way which does not bring them any effect to promote their website, blog, product…

I will give only 2 steps to building a strong and quality backlinks for your SEO purpose.

The first thing you must know is “What are backlinks?”: 
It very simple, backlinks are the links that link to your website from other website. But the true backlink must not have rel=”no follow”.Most blogging platforms: WordPress, Blogger, Typepad, etc inserting this by default. So we cant make comment thousand of blog and go to rank 1 in Google.

Many webmasters don’t link this part so they make the link on comment “dofollow” to encourage people who visit their blog make comment. The links we want must be a buy backlinks .We must find “dofollow” blog to make comment not any blog. Making comment on “nofollow” blog is also give you’re a little traffic but it s very poor.Save your time to find high rank “dofollow” blog and when our website have high ranking we ll get a great traffic from Search Engines.

The second thing you must know: “What are quality backlinks?”: 
Quality backlinks is the backlink from webpage (not website) which have a high pagerank. Many people make a huge mistake while trying to comment or spam as many website, blog which have high pagerank as they can. This is not help you to promote your business because the page that you include your link must have high pagerank but the domain itself only.

So how to find the pagerank of webpage: Install SEO Quake plugin for Firefox. It provides an seo bar with various information about the sites which we visit and also in Google search result page. It is also help you realize which links are “nofollow” or “dofollow” without viewing the source of the page.

After through 2 basic knowledge we start to build our backlink:

First step: 
We must find “dofollow” blogs which have high rankings. There are many “dofollow” directories and lists of these kinds. Some of them don’t give right information but we have SEO Quake to check them again.

Try to choose high pagerank blogs because high pagerank blog usually have high rank pages.

Second step: 
– Find all the page of that blog by Google 
– Pick the pages which have high rank. Older posts usually have high pagerank than newer. A page need a plenty time and backlinks to have high rank.

Go that post make a relevant comment, don’t spam or your comment is not validated by the owner of that blog. If you like comment on the new post, maybe you ll get luck if that post get buy backlinks high rank in the future. But we do business on today so give it a try tomorrow.

Keep trying 2 steps once more and more to get a strong linkback system. Go for only high pageranks blog, backlink is not about quantity but the quality.


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