Backlinks Are the Key to Success

In the old days of internet marketing content was king and all you had to do is create unique content and get listed high on search engines. Now it takes more than that. You need to build links that lead back to your site called backlinks. But how?

Backlinks has changed how your website get listed on the search engines. One of the quickest ways to buy backlinks is to list your website in directories. Some will offer a reciprocal link which means that they give you a link if you link back to their directory. Reciprocal links don’t carry as much weight as they use to but any link is better than none. You will also find some directories that give you a one way link. These are the links that carry the most weight and will help your ranking.

One way backlinks means that a website, blog, or whatever will link from their site to your site without you linking back to them. This tells the search engines that your site is important and is worth a second look. But you must make sure that the link you get comes from a place that is relevant to your websites content or it will become worthless.

Use Google, MSN, and Yahoo directories to get your sight listed in. Yahoo will charge you per year to list in their directory but if you get in it will be well worth it.

If you need backlinks then try to get 3 way backlinks with other websites. This involves getting site A to link to site B then site B links to site C then Site C links to Site A. This way their is no reciprocal link and that link will stand out as a one way link.

Try to get links from websites that are high in search engine rankings. High ranking websites will pull your site up and give you and may give you a little traffic from their website. You can try asking for one but chances are they might just pay you no mind unless you pay then a few bucks. If you decide to buy them don’t buy thousands at one time. The search engines will think that something is wrong if you get so many to fast and penalize you.

A place to strong buy backlinks are places like YouTube and other free video sites. Just create a video and loaded up with a link back to your site and your site will take off. Also use blog sites and Squidoo to link back from. These alone can get you highly ranked fast.

To help your site move up try to use your keyword to link back to your site with. Buy linking with your keyword every time some types that keyword in the search engines your links to that keyword will move you up the results. Get enough links with that keyword and your site can end up on the first page giving you free traffic to your site.

If you are reading this article then you know that writing articles can also give you links back to your site. Share with the world your knowledge of your particular niche and if other people like your work then they will add you article to their website, RSS feeds and more.

Now that you see the ways to buy backlinks you must understand that it will take some time to get quality ones. But if you stay focused you will find that building backlinks will get easier and easier.


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