2 Ways to Build Great One Way Backlinks

We all know by now that one way back-links are the best kind of buy backlinks to have. All the link power is flowing in, and none is flowing out. A website with a ratio of 10 links coming in to every 1 link going out is a lot more likely to achieve a great Page Rank status for its target page than a site with the opposite ratio.

We also hopefully know by now that in order for those links to best serve us, they should be from pages which contain information that is relevant to our site’s target page.

As great as one-way back-links are, they can be sometimes very difficult to achieve. In this article I am going to go through two great and easy methods to get those valuable one links and make your site shoot up in the search engine results.

(1) Trade unique content for a one way back-link. The easiest way to go about this is to join a forum which is particular to your own website’s niche. If you deal in comic books for example then you’d want to join a comic book forum or message board which has an active exchange.

Alternatively you can just locate other comic book type web sites and let them know that you have some unique article content that you’d like to trade for a link. This way works too, it’s just that you’ll probably have to go through quite a few vendors before you get one who doesn’t ignore your email out of habit.

More often people on forums and message boards are there for the purposes of enhancing their site in some way, and they know the value that unique content can bring to them. A lot of them are simply hungry for it.

Either way you go however, it’s a good idea to have a couple of good writing samples posted on your own website so that they can refer to them and get some kind of idea as to the quality of material that they are going to receive.

Finally remember to embed your back-link into the text of your article in such a way as it meaningfully relates to the content of the page on your website that it is linking to. Make full use of the power of your anchor text to enhance your keyword targeted results in the search engines.

(2) Offer to do testimonials. If and when you buy a product from a non competing, but related website, or it may be from a website that is only in some way loosely related to the content of your own, you can offer to do a testimonial for their product or service.

As long as you really like the product or service, this can really be a win, win situation, and let me tell you why. Testimonials with both pictures and links to actual websites attached to them are 10 times more convincing than simple bubbles of words posted on the screen. When I look at a word bubble without a picture or site link connected to it, I wonder what prevents the site owner from making up something himself and just putting it up there.

When I see real people attached to real places however, it makes me think that this is a real testimonial, and I’m more likely to buy the product. So not only is the posted link benefiting you, it’s also benefitting the site owner by making his testimonials more believable and therefore increasing sales conversion rates.

A lot of people buy stuff all the time online, but they are just thoughtless that their purchase might be able to lead them to buy backlinks . Instead of making a purchase off the usual routine place, like e-bay, etc., make it from a site which might allow you get that testimonial link done.


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