How To Use Forums To Buy Backlinks For Your Webpage

Have you been thinking of ways to gather backlinks for your webpage so as to increase the ranking of your page? One way that is guaranteed to get you lots of backlinks is through forum postings.

Buy backlinks via the utilization of forums is more than just posting in the forum.

You need to come up with an awesome strategy in order not to only get backlinks to your site. You should also try your every means to drive the forum users who have seen your forum postings to your webpage.

So how can you make the forum users click through your signature links at the bottom of your forum postings? Simply create an inducing headline that makes anyone who saw it want to click on it to see what is shown in your site.

Below is a strategy that is guaranteed to create more backlinks to your site. Moreover, it will also increase your own web page’s page rank if you follow it closely.

First, go to a search engine and do a search for a keyword phrase such as ‘niche forum’ whereby niche can be replaced by the niche site you had. From the list, go through the top 5 forums listing and go to their site.

Register for an username and password at the 5 niche forums and start posting replies or answers to people who are asking questions in the niche forums. Gain the trust of the people in the forums first before putting your signature.

After a week, insert a signature in your forum username setting and post replies to questions raised by forum users as usual. However, this time round, the signature that you have created which includes a buy backlinks to your site via anchor text for the keyword or keyword phrase that you are trying to optimize for your site will appear in every forum posting you made.


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